the west wind blows

heres a little look at what I ve Been up to this afternoon

I decided with the wind and clouds moving so fast I would finally get the chance to try some formatt hitech firecrest 10 stop action the plan was to capture the tide around the old pier in lytham st annes at dinner but the tide was only 7.56 metres high

and didn’t quite cover the whole of the jetty so I did what I could do and waded out into the water … wet boots and soggy feet then stuck the tripod in the fast flowing sea see photos below you know what I am really happy with the images I got as I know the

3leggedthing winston doesn’t move I had a debate with a guy saying a £50 tripod would just be as good well I can tell you nope not a chance

the images below look to me really sharp and thats a minutes exposure most shots in the sea with a gale. blowing !!

over the coming weeks this location will be where I will be holding 1-2-1 for budding photographers or people wanted to try out the 3leggedthing winston billy or Brian tripods out please feel free to message me


untitled-77-Edit.JPG22 jetty -1.JPGwhite church .jpguntitled-63.jpg


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