blackpool at sunset

here a few images from this weekend from blackpool as you can see its a beautiful place at night on the fylde coast the old sewer pipes the central pier and the tower all look amazing the images are at sunset or just after using the new firecrest 3 stop filter sytem

my old faithful nikon d810 24-70mm and 3 leggedthing Winston

all prints are available as limited edition prints and these locations are where I will be holding 1-2-1 lessons just the basics to help capture better images.

The prints are brilliant quality and will from l type printers

feel free to send a message about sizes and pricing




wow is all I can say been to this location about 20 times and the weather has nearly all ways won

well last night we had a mirror like event and no wind with a hint of colour this ended with some epic classic images from the most beautiful place in the lakes in my opinion if you look below you will see the odd one out and this place its a landscape photographers heaven and a location I will be holding 1-2-1 days come try 3 leggedthing winston and get your camera of auto please send a message regarding dates sun set is now roughly 9.45 pm so its good for a location after a long day at work I also have wastwater prints available starting at £55.00 reflections wasdale .jpgselfie.JPGwastwater 2_.JPGwastwater .jpg

lytham jetty at blue hour

this is lytham on the fylde coast lancashire and this was a simple test of the formatt hitech firecrest nd filters


the 0.3 stop and the 16 stop the image below is from the the 0.3 stop

at 70 seconds and think it looks  quite amazing on the night the sun had vanished and this was about 30 mins after sunset and the blues and greys made the watermarked stand out

nikon d810 nikon 24-70mm at 24mm portrait mode

3leggedthing winston and l bracket this location is one of the locations for my local 1-2-1

long exposure days feel free to message regarding dates jetty gloomy_

The lone tree over wyre

This is the story of me and the lessons we learn about landscapes and how much effort we put it to reap the rewards travelling all over the uk for the ultimate image the foggy scene the lone tree the flowing waterfall a sky full of stars. I have just about done the lot waking up with frost inside my car driving 7 hours too see only fog wading through boggy fields until you can no longer feel your toes . The highs and lows of a photographer and that’s from bloke with a £200 pounds camera or a £10000 bag of all singing and dancing filters and lens some days the most beautiful location can be horrid and some days driving with your family you see a vision but no camera with you not even

I phone last week I drove about 6 miles from my home with the twins in the car in the hope of finding a miracle a yellow rapeseed field and a lone tree unfortunately I didn’t find this but instead a soil filled field and lone tree and the best looking clouds big fluffy ones. So the moral of my story is never ever give up and always carry a camera in your car even if it’s a cheap one in the glove box … Nikon d810 nikon 70-200 mm

3 leggedthing winston

F11 iso 64 1/200 to show you I added the back of the camera shot as you can see some times you just get lucky